Other Attraction

You come to Dubrovnik, and the first that appears to your look – it is city walls of the city, they are at the same time and its business card. In certain places their width reaches 6 meters, the general length of a construction makes 1949 meters.

As city walls were under construction. Complex of city walls of Dubrovnik Bokar, fortress Revelin and fortress Lovrenats includes Minchet’s Tower and the Tower. Minchet’s tower is also a city symbol. The first small tower which had the square form was conceived and designed by Nikifor Ranina in 1319, subsequently to it a new part was completed. Extending and being completed, the tower got a monumental round form. In general construction was finished in 1464.

Fortress Bokar which was built under the leadership of Michelozzo di Bartolommeo for nearly 80 years is decorated with a beautiful stone diadem around the top part of a construction. Protection of the main gate, a ditch and the bridge was its task in due time, today rooms and the open areas are used as a scene for various representations.

Saint Ivan’s fortress was the main protection of the city portal, being one of the most important strengthenings in Dubrovnik. Its first tower was executed at the beginning of the 14th century, throughout centuries it was completed by new elements, and only at the end of the 16th century got a semicircular form. In a sight of Croatia the Sea museum and the Aquarium is located.
For city walls, in east part of the city big fortress Revelin who has the form of the wrong square is located. It was constructed in the middle of the 16th century. Fortress has the big closed spaces, there is the biggest terrace in the city.

At last, fortress Lovrenats which impresses with the appearance and the sizes. There is it also outside city walls in the western part of the city. It towers over approaches to this part of Dubrovnik, closes and protects the oldest port the cities of Kalarinya.